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» Definition

Zipper: 'a device for temporarily joining two edges of fabric together'.

At Zip Design we do think different. Our zipper is a magical tool, able to 'virtually' connect the two sides of the brain. Each side has its own unique and special abilities: the right side is intuitive, while the left one is logical. Our Zip Design priority is to conceive and maintain the perfect balance between visual appeal and technical/functional needs.

We love being creative, yet logical.
We enjoy being imaginative, yet analytical and sequential.

Our ultimate goal is making any graphic experience more simple and accessible, without sacrificing design and aesthetics.

» Latest News

We are very happy to announce that we recently joined forces with Renegade Productions, a world-wide multi-dimensional music production company, headquartered in Vancouver Canada. The outcome is Renegade-Zip, a new service department that complements Renegade record label and band management division, and augments its artist promotion and musical services. Our highly customized graphic and web services help artists, producers, musicians and entrepreneurs of all types promote themselves in innovative and creative ways. Renegade-Zip offers anything from brand identities and print collateral to packaging and web development.

Please contact Renegade-Zip at renegadezip@zipdesign.net